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Astrology Of You And Me Oracle Deck

Astrology Of You And Me Oracle Deck

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Using the insights and ideas from The Astrology of You and Me, this oracle deck of 72 illustrated cards describes six archetypes — the romantic partner, the ex, the friend, the parent, the co-worker, the competitor — within each of the twelve Zodiac signs.

With multiple ways to read the cards, this deck offers more than just one method of insight:Use the deck as a horoscope, choosing a card to better understand your Aries boss, Gemini friend, or Sagittarius lover, depending on your needs.

Use the deck as oracle, drawing a single card or a spread of three to see how your own zodiac chart impacts your behavior around family relationships, romance, work, and more. The companion guidebook offers helpful insights with nuanced descriptions of each sign's archetypes to enhance your card reading. You'll also find deeper instruction on using the deck as an oracle to interpret cards singly or as a spread. 

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