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Turmeric Salt Body Scrub

Turmeric Salt Body Scrub

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Exfoliating body scrub that is detoxifying and purifying for your skin. Turmeric is known as one of the highest levels of antioxidants and has been used for centuries known for brightening your skin. Paired with atlantic sea salt for detoxifying and organic shea butter for softening the skin you will never need another scrub. It soothes, smoothes and purifies with organic turmeric, salts, butters and oils.

 ✔Exfoliation: Gently buffs away dead skin cells, promoting a smoother texture. ✔Detoxification: Powerful turmeric and grapefruit extracts help detoxify the skin. ✔Brightening: Reveals a radiant complexion with the natural brightening properties of turmeric. ✔Hydration: Nourishing ingredients leave the skin moisturized and refreshed.

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